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"I choose to be here now,
among these mute actors
silently rehearsing
the parts they'll never play,
in the vague hope of an audience
to whom they could tell all
of themselves, to be known
and realized, and to finally be
loved, made in love and for love

"I choose to play alongside them,
borrowing every aspect they would lend me,
hero/villain/clown, animal,
vegetation, bacterium/algae scum,
hydrogen 2 oxygen, carbon de'ox-hide,
charcoal shadowing the dome
of St. Paul's bald pate (otherwise gleaming).

"I WOULD be my mother's looking-glass,
akwardly mouthing the words that she spoke to me,
ba-ba-ba, ba-bay
My Bonny, Life Is But A Dream
My Sunshine--
I would be the mirror of everyone,
I would show them what they most desire to see,
the world beyond
their back shoulder.

"I choose to be here now,
in the moment where you Are and Are Not,
in the moment I might receive you,
the far-flung echo of you,
the scattering voice of what you intended,
the dream of your soul's apparition,
brilliant, blinding
spark of recognition."