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metaphysical dandelions

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metaphysical dandelions

you can close your eyes
find twilight abounds
on the horizon of surprise
painted vincent van gogh sounds

dreaming innovation
like water in the road
oasis's of imagination
blurry thoughts unfold

and in the buildup follows
characters & colors come clear
dr. suess and beethoven
jerry abstracted through a tear
joy and rain and dust
clouds and winter skies
the aperture twists open
and light pours towards your eyes

in a dew dawn seascape hollow
grove of shady trees
alabaster swallows
lend life to a graceful breeze

mellow moments mounted
in the gallery of the muse
these afterthoughts are counted
with the time we use & lose

an artist's prayer acknowlegded
in a nod and a wink on the wind
wreathed in silhouettes and sunset
& revelations from within
and that slow blues solo settles
through the background of the world
bleeding out the blood and gold
of another revolution unfurled