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i procastinate real bad. where i go to school (pellissippee st. comm. college) if you're in developmental math (algebra 0850...last one before smart kid math!) and you fail a test then you get a second chance to take it again.
i made a 57 on the 1st test. shitty. so i have 2 weeks before the second one. "cool" i think to myself after seeing the horrible grade on my paper.
to take the test the second time you have to do a worksheet called: Ch. 8 redo-requirements. 20 problems of the same stuff as the test (a take home test you dont get credit for). i did the redo-requirements last night, 1 week and 6 days after the last test. i go to school early as hell to talk to my teacher.
"yes student"
"i did the sheet, may i have a testing slip?"
(looking at my work sheet with wonder) "im sorry but yesterday was the cut-off for the redo"
(my eyes sink and my stomach gets a little jolt of anger towards myself for not doing the work sooner)
"you can't make an exception" i ask trying for one more glimmer of pity from my teacher (who is pretty cool).
"im sorry, rules are rules"
and i know she's right, damnit!

i actually studied for the Ch. 9 test which i took today (date is printed on the post for people who are blind but still want to surf the internet...i know theres at least one person in the world that cant see but still surfs anyway...and i want to include that person in my thoughts right now)

i think i did ok but you have to have a 78 to pass the class which is a C.

if only osmosis really worked....

and thats why i wrote the poem.

maybe not all of it or even any of it...just an inspiration from a bad move on my part...the best time to write i feel...when you get depressed and have to get whatever you can out...that or explode.

"well self"
yeaH buddy?
"lets do some more fuckin homework"
oh yeah, Philosy (take home test...this one counts) is due tomorrow at 1030am...

until next time compadres.

Elgi (pronounced El-ghee, like the word: Geisha, without the sha and add the El to the front, its a nickname for some reason, but a guy at work says it funny and it irks me...not that ill know that any of you will ever say it but i had to get that out anyway-therapy)