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Glockenspiel, all of you! For God's sake...Glockenspiel...

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Do not fret, brother. The curse of the Reitz boys (I swear, we get it from dad!)-procrastination- is a problem easily solved. You are an amazingly talented writer and should doggedly pursue your gifts until you've reached the place you're happy with. Math probably isn't your strong suit; writing(or some other creative activity) very well could be. As long as you're making some progress with the things you love, don't worry mucb about the things you feel obligated to do to satisy others. Harness the power of your inner chi, and lazer beams, not unlike those of Cyclops from the X-Men will fire from your eyes...Most likely into an adjacent wall. That is your destiny, brother. Pursue it. Mutant scum.