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truth in restraint...(part I)

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a free flight for all who can afford to land. tempt me not with sticks of lavish wonderful milky white smoke. she stared silently into the red brick wall interior. a hole was demonstrated by the sight of those who cant see. in the land of the blind sight becomes cumbersome. allows physical fear to seep into thought process. causes unecessary unstable and impulsive actions to slow down the time drain like you were the cosmic plumber with your ass crack leaking meaning. like you owned the place.

"this is not a library, if you aint gonna buy anything then you might as well try not looking at it anymore and try not looking into it," a wink is caught only by the threaded lips of my informants greasy clap trap.

a sail is set on wisdoms mound. free is the air that color inhabitants suggestive dialog. blissful purpose of wonder and fulfillment measured without cups or spoons or droppers or bottles or even space and time.
the bells jingle welcomes to our party as we glide into a blind painting. redwood doors and bronze frammed bar tops weak in the knees with disharmonious juke vomit. those memories of sightlessness have no knowledge of the anxious reasoning of oncoming locomotives like vocal chords breaking in mid sentence. strange are the wheels and slow is the pace serendipitous of fecal breasts and salmon breath stained on frozen speech forever and never. a reversed echo. whipping winds cut eyes and genitals. a searing sense of preservation becomes more like a ubiquitous plastic wrapper. look but dont touch. forever and never.

"the blind shall be led by the blind"

into water sheds i spent the year of the rat. trouble brewed on my lips. contemplation of queen bed blues. a singing dancing fucking machine. trapped in a latex matress. dawning on all the non-believers like showers of red rose percodans. peeling off skin with fingernail files and pennies as if i was a lottery ticket. the sight of endless emetic silence. without thought there could be no denial. no remorse. my tree is circled by bat shadows. they catch my cigarette butts as i hurl them in the air with the slight disdain of palace guards. the gaul of doorbell whisperers to say what they do not understand. i dont care how smart you think you are. talk to me like a human not a scientist. helium heads of the new moon.

"this is not prudent. a concusion requires immediate attention," the stage lights nod in approval. the audience just watches as they have been expecting a bloodbath all night and their mouths begin to dry. cotton spit confetti rains like obnoxious snowflakes with every boiling curse and blackened hiss. "but we need another few to fill the back expect me to work without an audience? why i should turn the scalpel on you if you wish to inundate me with layman feelings. i am a doctor. not a hack. my nose is painted with the finest china," we see the red re-enter his face like he was awakening from the frost of my belly.

the stadium is packed with sharp skulls and whispy beards. glasses filled with cold dead eyes. shucks of brown and grey hair succumb to the air vents placed properly above them. the women in the crowd sip from the same red cups emptied with larval sounds. the men cling violently if necessary to the blue cups as they lean in over females strategically seated next to them. the ceremony is about to begin...