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LitKicks presents the Freestyle Writing Workshop, beginning March 1

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I just thought I'd post a note encouraging you all to think about joining the LitKicks Freestyle Writing Workshop, an intensive exploration into various themes, styles and group interactions for writers of any level of experience. The workshop will consist of three writing challenges (which, of course, we are keeping secret at this time) followed by group discussion and critique. This is our second Freestyle session, and we think we're going to get better at it every time.

The cost is $20 and the workshop will last for six weeks. If anybody has questions about how the workshop works, please feel free to ask.

Most importantly, anybody is invited to join, regardless of your level of experience as a writer. This is the kind of workshop where credentials don't matter and, hopefully, everybody learns something new about themselves and their writing skills.

Hope to see many of you there. Start date is March 1. Here's how to sign up ...

-- Levi (the LitKicks guy)