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Hey you!! Read this poem and tell me what you think (honestly)

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A poem. Comments welcome.

Last bright star explodes
sparks across
blue empty space
falling through skies now turned gray
no longer inscribed with truths
leaving friends
not as heros walking into painted sunsets
but gone strange and sudden

but pressed against the mountains of my city
past it's smog and filth, boxcars and tracks,
buildings and cars
rows of houses:dirty little mirrors of the skies,
past the broken glass and grime,
of this place of dead roads
lays the dust of once bright star and
my love therin
And As I sit here
I remember those angery tired souls
faded too
not afraid to break the silence of such well-kept,
white-washed streets
or scream their visons at strange terriable moon
floating so distant, so empty
voices soon forgotten
the cheap taste of rum
and blackness it follows
headache of defeat
How long till I forget the taste of that bright star?
Once the depths and breath of my life!
falling and now gone
Old man? Still afraid of the dark?
Left only with visons of madmen
splattered in ink
the last golden grain
small old flame of once bright light,
blue and restless star
left a faded flint,
buried somewhere out in this evening sky