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seas are boiling

Posted to Poetry

We might as well give up
shit, we're finished
let the seas boil
dry up
it's a lovely day although the gas is now long since gone
like the oil stench of dinosaur death
shit, montreal feels like it's the philippines
Europe is a desert
africa is antarctic

see, the eco-terrorists blew up the meat wagons again today
the moon fell down,
so don't you try to tell me what's in my soylent green
remember cats? cats had eyes of green
rats aren't good as pets
nor human beings
my kid's got the palsey again
thank god for jerry lewis and the tv set
still running on bicycle juice
ha! the moon, you ask?
the chinese blew it up last month
2 billion strong!
they are the new masters
of the universe
good thing potatoes can grow in heat
you can even fry them in the ground
let's see, when was the last time that it rained?
geezuz, I can't recall
I'm getting by okay
by drinking the dregs of my waterbed
but I'm too tired for sex
and ever since the last civil war
out West, between the North and the South
of California
the new republic of the state
what's left from the revolution
are sending posse comitatus out
in roving gangs around my house
they don't scare me with their freeze-snap guns
I have a gun myself, a colt .44, and six bullets
I saved from the Oceaniac war
too bad the Taj Majal is gone
and mt. everest irradiated
it's okay, I got them on my wall
postcards inside the bunker
my wife is bald
and so am I
our skin is falling off
who needs teeth?
when you got no meat?
peanut butter potatoes
go down easy, anyway
have you noticed the leeches?
six feet tall?

yeah, these days
I stay away from town
these leeches, they have teeth