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go away and come back

Posted to Tribute to Ken Kesey

When i was thirteen in 1969 i was turned on by a young lady to a number of new things.The one that has stayed with me over all this time was the book "one flew over..." and in that coming of age summer for me it wasn't just the book that has been with me but the story of Ken Kesey and the lifestyle i have lived since then. It was Kesey's beautiful down to earth real way of talking and dealing with this that has always touched and moved me.Favorite Kesey story... when Kesey and some pranksters were painting some psychedelic object and journalist Wolfe was asked to help move it and got some on his white suit. "Don't expect to mess with it and not get some of it on you" Also when Ken was asked by another journalist what would you say to your children if someone offered them drug or some sort of question Kesey was reported to respond "Just say thanks" just say thanks. . . it can't be so can it? Never trust a prankster. Love to all Pranksters.