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Color my skin

Posted to Poetry

Color my skin
the way you like
the way you do
Cross the street
Turn your gaze
So you won’t see
What you don’t like
That face of mine
That’s not like you

Slash me with those slits of yours
Though I’m not really black or white
Just something in between
That you don’t like

Fling your flaming toys and sticks
Call me what you hate and like:

Spic and
Kike and
Arab Nigger
Wop and
Jew and

Not like you

Where’m I from?
Fuck you
Color my skin
the way you like
the way you do

He She’s a nigger, too, and
Wop and Arab
Gook and even
He She’s
Bigger than you
And me and
All my wretched
Starving brothers

So whip me chain me hang my heart
in disbelief
Hunt me down and
Set your dogs
Upon me
Let them smell
the color of my skin

Find me
Beat me
Burn me
Rape me
Strip me naked
Drag me away in smoke
Murder me and
Make my angry skin
a trophy of your hate

Color my skin
the way you do
the way you like

You who dread the pressing seas
Of Yellow, Brown and Black
Each day they sluice upon your gilded path

You who try to break my will
You won’t ever change the color of my skin

You who curse the roaming lions in the night
Their yellow eyes glare back at you
They shake you with their roar
And laugh at all your fright

But I
Am not your whore
Murder me you kill yourself
Remember this ghost man
Jesus Christ he killed himself
to save your

Me and Jesus and all the wrong-skinned brothers sisters