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Drink it Down

Posted to Poetry

*I REALLY wish you guys could see the pictures I drew for this piece!!!

Stay a while in the yellow chair,
We'll welcome you with legs spread wide.
Seductive smiles; full red lip one, two.
Mole on left or right side... can't remember today.
Ask me again tomorrow, drowning in sobriety, and I'll tell you where the pixies grow.
I'll tell you where the hills meet forever, and the ocean makes us see the invisible smile on the face of the moon.
Watch me...
I'll show you the world!
We'll count the minutes before you wake and drown again when you open your eyes.
Not waiting... but excepting.
We understand.
There's a small white table in the crying girl's mind.
It bleeds and attacks us all when we sleep until that moment comes that brings the very first sight in your eyes...
And release us quietly like budding flowers from the jaws of life.