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Remember Yesterday

Posted to Poetry

Remember yesterday
when innocence was all we had
life was just a dream
and summer days were all we needed

these times run through my veins
and burn inside my mind
they tear at my insides
and bring tears to my eyes

Yesterday I set my clock back to 1991
while listening to Skid Row
18 and life played on a radio
in the back of my mind
The passion, the feeling
tore at my heart
the fleeting of the time
brings tears to my eyes

My evanescent smile
could no longer live again
this year 2004 is clearly not my friend
the passion, the feeling
the heart and the soul
they all live in 1991
where my memories remain


I live in a darkened room
spent with wasted time
I can't stand the heartache
of not being able to relive the sweet times
Here I am just making a mess of myself
this all brings tears to my eyes

1991 I want to come back
I remember you for who you were
I don't need this shit


let me go back to your crazy psycho love!