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Some People (Please, Please Critique)

Posted to Poetry

I'd throw away yr heart
for 30 pieces of plastic silverware
synthetic and disposable, well
that's all you are

I nailed a proclamation
to the world's front door
and it read
"I don't belong here"

Well some people have told me
that Jesus saves
And some people have warned me about
smoking too many cigarettes
and some people buy and sell each other's dreams
people like you

Drinking cheap Australian wine
and dreaming up excuses
But I'm bitter now and too
drunk to care

I'm reading the graffiti in
Penn Station's men's room stalls
No matter what, it seems I
always end up pissing on my own shoes

Some people have told me
that Jesus saves
Some people have warned me about drinking
too much
Some people have told me...
but I never gave a damn about them

Go ahead and call me foolish
Now tell me I'm just a pathetic malcontent
tell me to stop whining
that i don't even matter
than watch me tear yr world apart...

...but it's all nothing
and yr no one at all