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My Medusa's Face

Posted to Poetry

No cudgel
to smash into your soul
the crude and heavy words
which could only suffice
what my mind is attempting to hold;
If it wasn’t written in stone
we might just overlook it-
Might just forget
that I’d rip out your throat
if you turned your back
for an instant-
Look down on me,
you run away-
When you slipped off the veil
and you looked at my face-
you turned me away-
Every evil line
makes the countenance of this face-
No one will accept
this part of me-
No body wants what is
dirty or mean-
No body wants the raw me-
They all just want
Idle fucking pleasantries-

Beneath this makeup
hides My Medusa’s Face-
Your own fate;
Its honesty scares you away...