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I. Perversion, the fool on the hill

Posted to Poetry

intro rhetorics, t.b. performed:
Chasing somethin’ so it done hurt anymore: the lost chances, the repeated trivia and replicas programs of blank bleak emergencied scant caress, if at all: and the fact that if there’d be sense meaning, conditioned charm, instead of material basics, ‘only’, and coupled to power motivations/incentives, of course..of course there’d be great(er) loss to be anticipated and with a thinking thoughtful mind just that anticipation would be even more of elemental terror – so some peace/task/answer to WHY? can only display/remain in soothing fears and hurts by indicating that you feel see them too and consolatingly would be prepared to mitigate them if really a bridge between original sinning minds would be possible, which btw is not the case in a final sense………….ker
And literates/literary people often chase for more, or substitute, both ways irrelevant, simply non-existent, nebulous schemes ……(in common places)