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new kid
on the block so excited
rushes joy-fully to the
new playground

she sees
other kids there
and sings and dances merrily
with delight

some don't
like how she sounds
or how the dust is
kicked up

some have
learned the right way to sing and dance
and they try to teach her the
right way

only acceptable
are certain songs and dances done certain ways
for a certain amount of time for a certain number of times
'the rules'

she recalls
the playgrounds where she first
learned the rules she was a very
good student

some teachers
taught that no singing or dancing were allowed
she was a very very very
good student

she became
a teacher so that she could teach others
how to behave correctly on the
play ground

but no
longer did she find it fun at the play
ground and she wanted
to leave

not having
learned correctly how to leave
she stayed on the ground yet yearned to
fly again

one day
she began to question
the teachings of her teachers and their teachers and
their teachers

she trashed
her playground etiquette diploma
built a new playground and called it
'no rules

everyone's invited'
playmates trickled flowed gushed in
yet it mattered not for the new playground had
no fence

she too
became fuller and fuller and fuller like a balloon
until she popped
with de light

de light shone upon the Truth
that a new kid who follows 'the rules'
will eventually become an
old kid