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apparently variations are what
shade life, minutiae and the like.
So it stands to reason
that if there were 100 or
so boys in a computer class, and
only 1 showed up, along with
6 japanese girls, there would
then be 7 unique souls confined
to a relatively small space.

yep, 7 people, and just think,
they all have likes and wants, not to
mention cognitive, biological, and socio-
emotional differences. oh yeah
think of it, they all get off
in a dizzying orgy of naked
nueron endings, chemicals dissolving
onto tastebuds, nociceptors, and mechanoreceptors:
all signaling a galaxy of sensation to
the dorsal horn, and up up and away
to the cerebral cortex via the hind
and mid and frontal brain!

anyway there are 6 japanese girls
in this computer class, and they
aren't just japanese speaking a
language i don't understand, they are
sitting here like me with a whole gravitational
pull of family and friends, favorite ice creams,
books, expectations of sex sometime in the future,
and all the things that make us live.
that keep us going.