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galaxies of love

Posted to Poetry

the beauty of your truth, it saves me
the truthfulness of your beauty, it embraves me
the way you gallantly prove me wrong
whenever i lose my faith in reality
our love is so real
our love is so good
you and i
entwined in delerium daydream
endless realm of night, punctuated by love’s light
swimming in the current of the seascape of the skies
as deep as your eyes
twisted up in inescapable galaxies of
starlit flashes of time-travelled pleasures
blanketed by rivers of moons and stars
our heads reclined on the red velvet pillow of mars
and venus expanding between us, glowing pink
tucked into our own cozy little corner of the cosmos
reality sometimes too big to face alone
the galaxy of possibility that we create together
unexplored, so far
the honesty of the touch of your skin
the presence of you in my dreams
when i close my eyes
you are here
kissing me
and not
the next planet over.