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Nothing Political (Content)

Posted to Poetry

Fuck your pretense,
call a spade a spade-
just don't name it nigger
or cracker or honky or tom no matter
how colored the ignorance and

shake the sugar from your coat,
call that cunt a cunt-
but not if it shops uptown or
sticks itself to a sunday pew
or gives the best blow-jobs around

don't pull the punch,
call a prick a prick-
just not if it signs your paycheck or
is a good provider or preaches
community unity at the VFW and

suck that decorum,
call the victim a victim-
but only if it fought back, left marks,
dressed appropriatly, lived to tell about it
on the channel 2 news and not

if it rides poles to pay rent or
trades pussy for crack on southside,
works the zombie shift at Porno-Emporium
or lives in a row house with dingy windows

so spill it on the chalk line,
strip it to the bone and spit-
lick it till it bleeds
the same scarlet as mine.