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The 8th scroll

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Released by the FBI under the information act
Feb 2004
The Angel [blanked out]
gives notice to all Human Beings:
God will no longer be answering your prayers.
For the following reasons:

Exhibit A)
"Dear God, please tell me – did my wife fuck
that Australian mountain climber?"

Exhibit B)
"Dear God, could you tell me the lotto numbers"

Exhibit C)
"Dear God, I really, really want to marry Kate Winslet"

Exhibit D)
"Dear God, I'm actually an atheist, so I suspose I'm talking to myself"

The angel [blanked out] would further like to add:
God has returned shamefully to god school
with his project of some 6 billion years
and is embarrassed by numerous aspects
of his homework
none less than the fact
that a war killing thousands of people
is less shocking
than a nipple.