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Today was Goodbye

Posted to Poetry

we both knew this day would come
with him reporting to a new NAVY ship
and me leaving on vacation
home to los angeles
before my own departure of 2 years to italy.
military life

there were no tears

i was sitting on a sofa at work with another friend
all sorts people around us
chiefs, officers, too many people
nosy people that can't know our business
(personal displays of affection are frown upon in military facilities
during working hours; in uniform especially)
so he approached me with an extended hand, then retracted explaining:
a ti no te digo adios porque te voy a volver a ver
(i won't tell you goodbye because i'm going to see you again)
he shook the other friend's hand
and walked off
a mean, chief lady popped around the corner suddenly
halting me from running up to him and giving him a final hug

it's better this way
no drama

i have to stay at work til after lunch; 1 pm.
i so wanna leave NOW.
i feel like SpongeBob when he takes a bath
my head super-inflated from all the tears i'm holding back
(food for thought for those who think of military people as having no feelings

Goodbye's are so ugly
no matter how you wanna see it