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Partner to the Tide

Posted to Poetry

Many think me cold hearted
or uncaring
because I will not-
No, I refuse to be
a slave to my emotions-
It is in turn me
who uses them to my
in the most advantageous lights-
And I will suck
the passion like marrow
from the very bones of life-
Faces reflect an existence
to which I cannot relate-
A blind search for heroes
and idolatry-
Live and let life manifest
in the ways
which it elects-
You need only to
feel dumbly moved
by the threads of consciousness
moving thru the
grooves of your brain
with an intensity
with which you can only
aspire to perceive-
You are the conduit
for a resplendent energy-
A partner to the
which ebbs rises
in the white spaces
between your fingers...

(...And the weft of your veins
contains a secret you disdain
to reveal in any way to yourself)