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Kicking out disruptions!

“that’s what the weak ones do”
I said speaking about poetry.
The teacher looked down at me
“Go back home
-if that’s how you want to be”
Giggles screamed out.
He has started a bout.
This ageing monster and me!
“I’ll sit.” I said, and took a sip.
“mmmmm” coffee’, “don’t talk like that to me!”
“scary you fool, you will do no good-
your just a hood!”
“fuck off…..”
I said silently.
Continuing in middle age rage,
White haired, and wife disengaged.
I became the catalyst,
I was blaspahist, a fool!
“get out of my class”
Dis-edgucate my ass!
I was in trouble,
And everyone knew..

A poem by:
Geoffrey Alexander parsons