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That wasn't Orwell, that was Ezra Pound :-)

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And it wasn't "Alas", that was "at last" :-))))

Now, as far as Miller, I'd say read The Tropic of Cancer and stop right there. Continue only in a situation where you'd read the Bible -- that is when stuck with nothing else to do in some hotel for a while.

Miller quickly becomes annoying, especially when you're over 30. Most of his stuff is lies (that's about fucking) or some mystifying bullshit (that's about "philosophy"; and that is only if you've never read Nietzsche and Emerson, coz otherwise you'll be bothered by Miller's second-rate imitation of them.) Miller, in my (current) view was a royal asshole... but it is probably OK to read one of the Tropics -- just to know what it's about, to get a taste of it. The rest is more of the same, only more voluminous. He's not a good writer, neither a good thinker; imho if he didn't stick a fucking scene every other page he'd be thoroughly unknown. Fundamentally, he was a fraud -- both as a thinker, and a writer.