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the 10,000' hills in Oregon

Posted to Tribute to Ken Kesey

I was happy that you said you drove carefuly the 30 miles thru the hills. I am just a flatlander but I have driven a semi thru those 10,000 foot hills in Oregon many times. Here is what happened to me one frosty morning when I was coming down Cabbage and encountered a drunk young man at the wheel of a old pick up truck.
The sun had just risen and it sparkled off a milky frost on the road. I realized that I had no road feel coming back from steer axle. The truck was rolling ok, but if I turned the wheel I had no idea which way she would go. Any which way the wind was blowing I suppose. Anyway I was making a respectable 35 mph when a old pickup came hammering by and went sideways across the road about 100 feet in front of me.
I kept cool on my stool and gently eased over on the berm and kind of slid by him on the right. Then I looked in the mirrow and I see the damn fool had it straightened out and was coming on again. As he come along side me again I could see he had a c.b. antenae so I broke for him and said:
"Listen fellow you had better fall in behind me and stay there because this road is slick and the next time I am going to have to run over you. Then when my boss asks me why I wrecked his truck I can show him both ears and the tail of your pick up." He must have heard me because he backed off and fell in formation.
He came back and said "10-4". We got to talking and he told me had been partying alnight with a girl friend one side of the mountain and going to see another girl friend on the other side. I ran his front door to the bottom. We stopped in town and shook hands and had a cup of coffee I would like to thank you for your post. All I can say is he is not gone for me, he is still my hero, I can hear his voice thru his work