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way cool story

Posted to Tribute to Ken Kesey

That's the kind of stuff that
means the world isn't as messed up as
they say...
can,t say as I met aynone like that
but my 'best man' is a recycled beat
a regular 'moriarity' trapped
a generation too late...
same kind of story, kinda
on my way to a u.s. lit exam back
in the early nineties and there
he was on the side of the road
holding up traffic with a
broken down pony...
guess that's what you get
for buying an import
we had only spoken once
but had connected in class when we were
the only two to see 'cheever's'
"swimmer" as a metaphor for
were we right,
prof didn't think so
but next year that's what he was

that was the start
since then
too much has gone on
too much time has gone by

D - where are you
man, the boys
are dropping like flies

i need you