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blasphemator(holy god damn)

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wow, havn't posted here in quite some time.
i posted this joint on another site.
feed me back. feedback. fed def.

statisticians of the maddest position
the most gory physicians
late night
making the most horrifying post-moratory incisions
ressurecting old song to new sample
release fleeting examples
if the beat is ample
you cats lack balance control
what do you have to stand for
making demands
while complacently standing
defacing fronts with maliced hands
invalid explanations for valid statments in a stoic stance
made for papers
read by pigs with blank faces
in stages of intermittence
slappin sentences dissmiss the case
throw 'im to the lions mittens
this is an attention call
for all you cats and kittens
stiffin up your jaw this not a practice session
in todays lesson we address
the various acts of fact and fiction
hip-hop's collisions
magnificent with rap wisdom
indecision over telling stolen jokes in public
swallowed humble pie in ernest
standing over spoken volumes on the subject
stuck in the maws and paws
of all these bleeding sublets
the bell is cracked
but still i wait to hear the hammer fall
if i back you into a corner
there's no room to stammer off
often too late for big to-do's
skylark tendencies
doing all those bad things that i used to do
a mendicant wooing
bread from laymen
safe in their assumption
that the government will save them
when the rock-bottom falls out
of tip-top high-hat towers
crushing lilac flowers
afronting to the wild eyes
of buy-back bauers
vying to pry lives away from
the times-shared in overtimed-ours