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away from my own sanity
from the light of the sun
from the outside world

nothing to comfort me
but two scarce meals a day
and a piss soaked mattress

denial has come and gone
there is absoutly no hope
im just waiting... for the end

i used to hear screams
comming from the outside
but i hear these no more

perhaps theyre still there
perhaps ive gotten used to them
perhaps theyve mingled with what is in my own head

and joined the rest of my screaming silence

the sadness has come and gone
there is nothing anymore
no feelings what so ever

a comforting numb has
penetrated me... down to the bone
luke warm and smooth as silk

my lamenting as passed
never again will i think how
i could have avoided this place

no use for regreat
in this place
for there are no confession booths

music i remember
music i used to love
the sound the feeling

with music you could escape from anything

the thoughts of my dispair
now now make me smile
they make me laugh sometimes

so usless it is, dispair
here, or in any other place
so self rightious, selfish

ive come to enjoy my solitude
there are no expectations
there is nothing to worry about here

this has become freedom
this hell ive turned into my salvation
this has become my paradise

i breathe now with a sigh of relief
this is my escape, ive finally found it
for once in my life... i am at peace

the door to this cell opens, i am released... my heart drops