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for judih - this is some of my brooklyn

Posted to Action Poetry

my brooklyn is for the most part
a big easy I-talian sunday

the mamas in their housecoats
perched upon their podium stoops

they hawk to eachother
in a language my DNA no longer gets

but they get it
in heaping spoonfuls

the papas sweeping something
from somewhere to somewhere else

the dust grows golden against the sun
and gathers itself in wispy heaps

everything is electric in summer
and as you know, morning becomes electric

everyone vending everything
the neighborhood gets social

stickball, basketball, you name it ball
the hydrants open and every day is a rainbow

dusk settles quietly on the brownstones
with a wash of garlic and olive oil

and at night the lights fall off the hinges
and we make the sweetest damn amore

you've ever heard