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Posted to Action Poetry

bronze eyes
approaching, mocking
my official investigating outfit,

steps like in a dance,
in a trance,
sweet and seductive
incense of male to male -

bearing no stain, no
role of contortion, contagious
hidden antidote, unchased,
no queen’s servility:

strange catalyst
stepping unto me,
promising supple winding
lust, an offer

as if you sense in
me the participant of a
reaction, feverish only,
a loose glance:

maybe in other lives of
mine .., only in the way
of accelerating the reaching
for the equilibrium of

other forces, and
true partners; in exchange
for salubrity, windward isles, the
coconut Antilles, the

music in your languish
yet fresh lilting, like a message
drawing in my self-astonished
surprising declination with

just a laugh, so light and
great – you got the code
to freedom, unburdening the
load of attraction

or is it yet a smile
which is
tortured, too, inside
like when finding out

that models suddenly,
with vermouthed mind
and senses, seem
so sexy