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Scared of commitment?

Posted to Action Poetry

The woman i love is like a beautiful flower
Petals wavering in the soft breeze
Beckoning you with her blushing luminosity
The alluring hues attracting bees, butterflys and men alike
They come to sample the fruit of her loins
But once she grabs a hold of you
Her pleasing, beautiful face twists to that of a hideous beast
And now you suddenly have chains from her hand to your ring
Beautiful Venus becomes a venus fly trap
And consumes you...
Freedom is destroyed and individuality is contained
Wrapped in a cardboard box and stored for guests
You hide behind your own lies
The lies of happiness and content
But i know the real truth
Gaia holds no secrets, not even your own
She has whispered the tales of the chains of consortium
Now i present to you the hammer
Use it to shatter your ties and your mask
And become free once again