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The Machine

Posted to Action Poetry

The clouds of despair surround this land
They roll in and drown the crescent in the sky
It descends and fills every street, every alley, every nostril
It enters your lungs and chokes the life out of you, out of me
It falls and sweeps over the corpses in the streets
Flows into storm drains and strangles rats and bums
Then the soldeirs march in
Dressed in all black, marching in not lines, but as one entity
The flow in waves, violently crashing into all opposition until its reduced to rubble
For they are not men at all
They are soldiers
Emotionless, thoughtless
Following orders with no question
They round us up, and start the process
I have no name, only a number
My identity and individuality was stolen in the first wave
For now I am 31554
I have no memory of my past life
They were ripped from my mind in the second wave
Now all I know is my job at the factory
I have no feeling, no remorce
They beat emotion out of me in the third wave
And after they took everything
They gave me a gun, and a black uniform
I was assimilated in the final wave.
No i am the one doing the marching
So where have you been?
Dreaming of toys, and scouting for boys?
Filling in time in the pipeline
Its okay we told you what to think
Its okay we told you what to feel
Its okay we told you what to dream
So welcome
To the machine