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Under the moon use your Woahman power

Posted to Action Poetry

Praises to the women
the healers of the earth
Praises to the women
who nurture our future
Praises to women
who can embrace all
Praises to the women
who never fall
Under the moon
feel the woman power
Praises to yourself
Oh woman, never cower
Praises to the moon goddesses
who have our own tides
Praises to the woman
our strength never hides
Praises to the women
those who sit alone
Praise to all women
sit proud upon your thrones
Praises to us women
we are the Earth you know
Praises to the women
in peace and love we go
say this prayer
us women
Blessings just for us

May the moon's magic light
shine ever bright on us
In all women glory
we hold the earths story
in our loving hands
Praises to us
sacred women'
beloved so of man.