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leakage tunnels

Posted to Action Poetry

it's some what ,like i thought
when i was there, a long time ago
to remember this, right now
to replay it lataer, when i needed too
i had no idea, you would come
that fast
i had no idea ,i'd be ale to deliver like this
is that you?
is that you, in that clothes?
I haven't seen you in so long
can i be wrong, about who you are?
I"ll never second guess that look you gave me
or that touch you sent me
across so sharp
do you remember me?
Like i do, so many times alone
I wondered where you went
where you drove, where you slept
conceret like this never stuck so
me here constant, as the wind that
shook you clear away
crossing paths
there insn't the breath to make you understand
I still Haven't been this close to you
wipe it out of me, you told me you would
if we met again
spirits playing their pretty games of
cosmos to see me dance
i know it's you behind those eyes
taking another form to toy my fingers