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This is where I am
This is where I started
This cannot be Where I End Up.

In the armpit of a strip mine,
cradled in the crook of a steel
mill skeleton bleaching on green
scum river shores stinking up
blocks of boarded storefronts.

This blue collar's gone chokechain.

Ain't no peace in this valley.

A man out for an evening walk
was stabbed twice in the chest
tonight two blocks from my front
stoop and I didn't even hear the

Force of habit.

"Ambridge loves Crack"
the wall says it all.

The wall says it all.

A girl no more than sixteen tugs
a toddler shoeless and wailing
through lollipop lips in this
April streetlamp midnight and I
can only whisper

"Child, I wish you
dull tastebuds for
bitter tastes no better."