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a lone ly tortoise amputated from its shell

Posted to Action Poetry a person in the neighborhood, in the neigh - bor - hood... is a person that you meet, when your walking down the street... is a person that you meet each daaaaaayyyyyy...

wring your hands and say fiddlesticks three times,
if that doesn't work kick in the television tube,
spinning tires in the walmart parking lot is effective sometimes, change of address form at the post office (for the fucker who pissed you off, unbeknownst to him/her) preferably to the address of a known terrorist sympathizer, or just kickin back with an adulterated fag and watching the teletubblies, warm bath in vanilla cocoa butter flavored sodium laureth sulfate, lysergic lust for abstract metaphor the quickcrete, cemented anger at the bottom of lake michigan the eternal decomposed expression of wtf did i do to deserve this,

wanda sighed