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Products of our environments..

Posted to Action Poetry

Once when I was still
in highschool
a girl gave birth
to a baby-
right in the middle
of lunch
and she waddled away
with her water
(just breaking)
leaking down her legs
in this really obscene
I thought to myself
thank god it isn’t me
but now I just think
I’m a product
of my environment
and nothing I do right
can correct
that many wrongs..
There is a sad sentiment
to be found
in the title of your poem
If you believe
it is a eulogy for the city
which breeds and
bleeds for you
its fate has breathed
its way in thru
countless corridors
to suck your brain down
its many drains-
try not to hate
or even pity-
for in the end we all
are connected
to the same pit of shit
by many interlocking