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I look at the man
his strange hair-do
shaved behind the ears.

shocking to me that he smokes
and jokes as the sly bastard rips him off
I think he does not know
he hears the words but does not understand them
he shakes his head
but he does not know

He holds a dime and I trade him a penny
his wife talks in mono-toned idiot-ery
I feel bad and give it back
I feel like he does not deserve it
I wonder why I can't get ahead.

growing up
I'm sure his dad was drunk
red faced and angry
gave him a beating for doing anthing

when she was young
who knows the trama
but she loves soaps

Smoking a butt smoke to the butt
to the very end
savering it
the lifes last breath of enjoyment
picked and rolled fromthe toes of the worthy

I go to job interview
I wipe my forehead
the black butt mark scroll my face
they ask what it is
I say "butts"

The old man laughed at that
said I know how that is
it happens to the best of us
him being the best
I am afraid I am lossing class

Finally I break down
rip him off
jump form town to town
and make my way in the end