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Gunslinger Poet

Posted to Action Poetry

I read his work
it was published
all knife edges
against young girls throats

Such shimmering detail
his warped face in the polished blade

the girl
tied down and submissive
it was stark dark poetry
true street life

all violent perversion
spread out on the page
sterile and clean

They found a girl,tied to his bed
stripped down
and bleeding from deep
knife wounds
while he was at a reading

"I tore her panties
and balled them into her mouth
soft and round
to hide her screams

the edge to her face
lovely red traills
she,tied to the bed
waiting for the heroine to dissolve
and the blood to race
as the gasoline
fed her face"

The cops
interrupted him

they never let him finish
they'd already seen
the last line