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Accutaine ramblings

Posted to Action Poetry

Pain pain go away, bother someone else today.
The acne showed up and pills tried to kill me.
They overdosed me with enough vitamin A to craze a horse.
Little yellow different view of reality.

I hurt bad and when I didn't hurt, I felt guilty.
A moment's pleasure was the reason I would go to hell.
My dick broke for months at a t im e.
My lips cracked and pealed.

My bladder was all nervous and I drank water constantly.
My thoughts at night were of suicide.
My thoughts during the day were paranoid.
I was a one man circus freakshow awaiting explosion.

My asshole saw me through the worst of it.
You can do it, it would twitch. Pull through.
The orks at City High were oblivious.
Would have Columbined, if I had to be there another year.

Dead and gone dead and gone.
Peaceful sleep, my lover-soul is dead and gone.
My eyes are setting now below the horizon.
A silver lining in a haystack is all I look for these days!