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Change. Become serious because that means that you have a goal. Whatever it is, you have to do it completely. Think about it. The other things are not even worth doing, although you have to because you are alive in this world and it is society's toll. Just go headfirst into a passion. Try new passions, but fervently. Fuck, even being passionate can be a passion. Its so basic, but life isn't geared towards it for reasons too complicated to lay out here

Sit down stand up sit down stand up. No, don't do that. Just close your eyes and breathe. Do it well. If you are me, this will make you cry. Stand up. Don't do that. Just think about it. Sit down. Rain. Streets becoming wet. Sidewalks getting flooded. Grates. Flowing. Love. And the rain. Rain down on me. God is everywhere that you look for him, but only if God is truth.