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those moments when all appears to go to shit...

Posted to Action Poetry

sometimes i don't know
that i know
the questions asked
a slip of the mind
a click as if the grey cells
are rotating

my eye windows foggy
and no cleanser to boot
for it all seems so clear
one moment...
until the next

confusion takes root
like a worldly weed
and no herbicide will work
without poisoning the mind

a clear view through
this darkness
fog lamps and warning signals
turned on to warn others
who may cross my path
i can be o so dangerous
to innocent bystanders
or especially to myself
when thinking is muddled
and lack of clarity reigns

it is in these moments
of cracked and shattered thoughts
therapy is needed, a bird song
a cup of tea, a observation
or two

knowing it will pass
doesn't make the moment
better but bearable...
appearances are deceiving