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empathy and other things

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i was angry.and trying to piece things together.feeling a page.with no writing a grave with no name.but...less profound.because my mind is in a leisure centre car park in in southwest england.and thats no place for an ephipany.not really.
reading his poetry and going through life thinking that all the world needs is a little more empathy, but three million sad teenage faces of pure empathy didn't save kurt cobain and no amount of infinte compassionate depth in a look can take away the pain(what pain?) and....only love can bring the rain?
ah this doesn't mean shit.

sick of shuffling kerouac bums with holes in their gloves muttering about the void and golden light because i dont see it and i dont want to so i throw them a quarter and walk away.

getting high in the woods one wednesday long ago (last week) and reality came in waves and i lay down in the middle of a bridge and laughed.
maybe one day i'll be a sad eyed lady but right now all i can claim to be is a green eyed love with a brown eyed boy.and not thinking about anything else.