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two to one - different style

Posted to Action Poetry

two never evolves into one. please keep me in ignorance for i can hear the blackbird outside my window. cawing and reciting the seven deadly sins. deafen me. box me over the ears! one thousand times until the rich thick blood courses down. And I can no longer hear myself think. And I can no longer hear what you think. Live in silence like everyone else that goes to work everyday and comes home to drink their scotch and beat their children. Children no longer kids like we think they are. growing to be confused and tangled - knowing the blackbird's song too too well. So unlike the forsythia, which grows tangled and perfect in my sight. So take my eyes. blind me. So that I cannot distinguish between the truth and lies. gouge them out with fire! one thousand times until the fire becomes my eyes. The hazel and golden flecks in my pupils manipulated to contain pure flames. And I can no longer see that it hurts - you, me. Live in blindness like everyone else that wanders the earth looking for peace when they can't see their soul in front of their nose. two never devolves into one. conditioning will save me if nothing else. two never evolves into one.