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Three of them were sitting on the bench
around that fountain there
-the one with the naked angel, yeah, that one there-
and the two of them on the right were laughing
about some girl they'd both fucked
(and one of them fucked er twice)
and the other one was thinking that that would be nice

and behind them there was someone listening in,
and he was a little surprised. He was that
pariah that they'd never looked at twice, except
when they needed someone to make fun of, and only then
for just a couple minutes at a time
And he was shocked at them, because they
were better than him, according to the latest
greatest gossip train,

Jump on everyone, all aboard!

But it they were better than him, why then,
had he slept with her thrice?
Funny, that.
And they were mouthing their praises, talking on her body
and her skin and her hair and her ---
but back at home, their rooms were empty
(aside from some dirty socks and football jerseys, and a
stack of dirty magazines)
and back in his room, she was still asleep in
his bed.