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The Shadow Dragon enters The Castle

Posted to Action Poetry

A maiden needed rescuing
by a fair knight
she was losing her dream
and her heart had become tight

But knights are silly men
not bold enough to see
that the princess needed
not saving, but a chance to be free

Instead came a dragon
who breathed fire in her soul
and relit the flame within
and brought her back her goal

They spoke of many things
the Dragon and the maid
and in the dead of night
together, wrapped in warm love they laid

The dragon met a maid
who was a faery queen
and now the castle glistens
with it's magic little gleam

Nights of poetry and music
and singing songs of old
Puff the magic Dragon
did not let my heart go cold

Hiding in the shadows
are many magic beings
dragons, faeries and unicorns
just waiting for a seeing

Dragon protects my castle
with a faery on his back
Dragon holds my soul
because he has the knack

Dragon gave me love
Dragon made me see
Dragon lit my light again
and now I'm finally free