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hot action

Posted to Action Poetry

Devil is sniffing about your crotch.
Long snakes are having a party in your backyard.
In and out of your house, the lizards run.
The mud is wet from rain and warm from sun.

Wild animals claw into your dirty flesh.
Howling dogs pant for your smell of sex on the wind.
Mouths are fed with your body's amplitude.
Vibrate to and from the center of Holy plans.

Come into the fireplace and embrace a tree.
Birds and bees are stinging at your knees.
Erotic images locked away as prisoners escape one by one.
You were about to get to the day's work, but all aflutter.

Skin and bones and fleshtones.
Fruits and vegetables.
Flowers and smells.
Animal magnetism conquering towering infernos.

One into all.
All into one.