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November 14th..O715

Posted to Tribute to Ken Kesey

..... Sometimes its kind'a hard to second guess the weather around here. Most fall storms comin'on shore can shoot their wad in eight or ten hours,'specialy if they come up fast. If they come up quick,then they can blow themselves out just as quick. Oh, y'know, it might rain hard for a couple'a days, but all that wind don't hang around for long. It just shoots up the river from the ocean. Like its got someplace else its gotta get to. Just takes a little time to pass by, thats all. I 'member fishing outta here,'tween here, and Newport. A southerly would kick up, and the ocean would get all squirrley,and shit. It sure would scatter the fish, and the guys. Everyone would be talking about where to go in at, what the tides would be doin' when they got where they wanted to go.Oh yeah, the ocean would get crappy, and all,and no matter what direction you wanted to go, you were gonna eat some snot.But hell, I remember more than once, running off the grounds for the weather, and by the time we'd get in, it was over. Just like theres' some big nasty motherfucker chasin'ya, and then he just runs right by ya'. Then we'd have to sit there for a couple of days and get drunk,ya'know. Billy McKnight figured it out good, he was smart, and tough. He wouldn't mind getting thrown around for a day or two, if he thought the weather would lay down, and the fish would start goin' again. If there wasn't good anchor ground off the beach, he'd just go off shore, shut her down, and drift. He was right.You're gonna get your ass kicked for awhile anyway, whether you run, or stay. Twern't no sense in takin'three days off to get drunk over a twelve hour storm. But, after the equinox, all bets are off.'Specialy in November. You fuck around with the weather in a forty-footer off the Columbia River, and nobody might see you, or your boat,again. Shit like that happens up and down the Oregon Coast. Theres' weather for bein' and weather for gettin'. This was definitly gettin' weather, we had goin' here. Blew all yesterday,blew all night, now its blowing its ass off this morning. I mean its' just screaming..... I'm wonderin' if Darrels' going to show up. He said he wanted to go to Eugene. Wanted to drive down and pay his respects to the Chief, goddamnit. Kesey dead. It just don't sound right,ya'know? Just don't sound right at all. Wheres' the sense in it? Wheres' the fuckin' righteousness? Wheres' the juice,the payoff, the punchline, man? Whos' in charge? Who in the hell would let that nice fella just die, huh? What the hell'did I read? It was his liver. Yeah, his liver. Aw, shit. They give people new livers all the time, don't they? Fuck yeah they do. They gave Mickey Mantle one, just stuck that sucker in there, and see'd how he'd do. He didn't make it very long, but they tried, didn't they? The Mick was done, man, he was through playin'ball a long time ago. But Kesey? He was still playing his game.He was in it for the long haul. He'd had to of been. There wasn't anyone around that could fill his spot. Nobody to wear that jersey. Fill those shoes,and all that shit. Aw Jesus, what a fuckin'drag, Kesey dead. It just don't sound right,it just don't make sense. Now, this is the day they're gonna bury him,in about four and a half hours, his people are gonna do the deal.They're gonna talk the talk and sing the songs. Pray the prayers, and cry the tears. Shake the hands, and hug the hugs....... I tip my cocoa mug up, and suck out all the unmixed chocoalate goop in the bottom. Its thick, and dark warm sweet. The taste stays with me while I wash the mug out in the sink...Look at it rain, jesus, its blowing, too. Blowing hard enough to to set a mans lips a flappin', if he stood into it. Fuck, I wonder if Darrels' gonna make it. I just set the cup in the dishrack, when up the driveway comes Darrel's big red Caddy. Alright, were going. On goes the hat,up goes the zipper and collar. Off goes the light, and open goes the door........jf