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i thought i posted this right now but i didn't so here goes again.

Posted to Action Poetry

it doesn't matter anymore
the things I want or need

so much to think about

it's no longer about me
still i try and hold on
i try and hold on
to the girl I used to be
it's hurts so bad
it's hurts so bad
that i left her like that
I left her without thinking
without thinking about me
now it's too late
my thoughts can't be mind
my actions aren't alone
i can't find that skirt I used to love to wear
no no no it's no longer about me
but still I try and hold on to that
I'm still trying to adjust
years have past and times have rolled
with out all the lost of me
I'd be someone else
isn't it funny how it all is?
how it'll never be the same again
reminiscing is for fools that can't be happy
where they stand
memories sweeter then reality
sweeter then present
I'm letting myself down again
I just can't help but feel
left out of my own plan
my own doing is so forbidden
I'm a lover
a searcher

I'm more a liar
I'm more a destroyer

with this hand I so delicately wish
to conserver
I take and burn all that I've built

with a simple word that fell from my mouth
be gone
be gone
I'm a joke ready to laugh
watch me fall
that's who I've been trying to save

you around me
my beautiful mistake
just wants to dance
and see this new women smile

you so sweet you know more then
I ever will
I hope you'll forgive me
for trying to hold on
to a distant me.