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i'm tired
of daily routines
walkin between super market
isles of community
that i feel so
seperate from
the colors of
the plastic and papers
that only hold more commercial
brainwashin bullshit
fed to the common man
without any regard
for what is between
the ears
at the end of
those canals that
only hear, without
ever really
i'm so fuckin tired
of the aging cheerleaders
i see parade into
borin hallways and doorways
lines formin round
those polymer smiles
made of crest whitening strips
and anti-agin cream
rememberin how to gossip
while time wins
the war against
their bodies
gravity defyin attempts
in wire and water bras
i'm tired
of the pretentious
ninth grade mentality
of young people
who know life
now that they
have erratic hours
instead of conformed
eight to three schedules
ready to protest without
ever really
what is out there
findin their individuality
in the comfort of mom and dad's
fuckin livin room
watchin t r fuckin l
i'm tired of
the self proclaimed
self righteous
self absorbed
self mutilated
self depricated
trend followin filler
that has no
deviant thought
depended on chemical reaction
in pill form
drained of themself
with a glass of water to follow
lettin it shape who
they are
the content of a prescription
makin them
from the rest of
the youth of today
that 'needs' those pills
just as fuckin bad
i'm tired
of starin faces
that land on my face
readin the metal ball there
as a definiton of
heathen, sinner, outcast
passin judgement behind
their pulpit of infidelity
and unhappiness
lettin the failures
of their own lives
pass through their glare
in malice that some
fuckin how
find its way
into my day
i'm tired of the labels
placed on the singular
i'm just so
fuckin tired
of everydaylife
bein closed minded
walkin with a gavel
in a backpocket
sayin what is
sanctified and allowed
what we can feel
who we can love
how we can love
how we live
who we become
where we become it
when we become
and all the other
already pre packed
pre baked decisions
that leap out
in tv advertisment
i'm just...